Feature Doula – Nicola Finch

Our Feature Doula series is back! Our Feature Doula for July 2020 is Nicola Finch, co-founder of the  Cariboo Community Deathcaring Network and the Cariboo Natural Burial Sanctuary.

She is a passionate advocate for natural burial grounds in British Columbia and founded greenburialbc.ca/

Nicola and her husband David also own Touch Wood Rings and Touch Wood Memorial Rings, which hand-crafts beautiful wooden rings inlaid with ashes.

Keep reading to learn more about Nicola!

Photo of Nicola Finch


What drew you to working as an End of Life Doula?

Because I have been working on advocating for and establishing Natural Burial Grounds in BC, I wanted to enhance my knowledge and understanding of the laws in BC as they pertain to caring for our own dead. I am also committed to facilitating a gentler experience for people whose loved ones die suddenly or for when we are simply unprepared.
To date, my work in end of life has been on a volunteer basis; I do the work because I am passionate about it.

What is your philosophy on end of life care?

Choice. Slowing down. Leaning in.
That whenever possible end of life care be provided by whomever and wherever and however the dying person chooses. That end of life care be supported and provided by the dying person's loving community. That the services and products serving end of life and after death care be readily available on a not for profit basis.

What is your go-to self care practice?

Walkabouts on our 48 acre off grid homestead, and having deep conversations with people I love and respect.

What do you love most about your work?

I love that we humans tend to get very real around the subject of death and dying.

Do you have a favourite social media account that inspires or informs your Doula practice?

Danna D. Schmidt Waypoint Ceremonies on Facebook

What is your best resource for end of life planning and support?

The interweb. Having enough knowledge to know where to look and who to ask. When I cannot find answers to my questions online, then I make a note to provide and advocate for making that information easily accessible to everyone.

What is your favourite place to volunteer and why?

My own organizations, because when I am passionate about something, I know I can move mountains.   I am also committed to stewarding these 48 acres like they were the last 48 acres of nature on earth.

Want to keep up on Nicola's passions? You can find her on the following social media handles:

@memorialrings on Facebook 

@cariboonaturalburialsanctuary on Facebook 

@ccdcnetwork on Facebook

@greenburial_bc on Facebook

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      1. Thanks, Chelsea. My passion for taking care of our own dead began almost 40 years ago. My family were really the pioneers; approaching death and disposition in a very personal and hands on way beginning with the death of my brother by suicide in 1984.

        Thank You Chelsea for your important work.

    1. Thank you Carrie. We’re all in this together, and I’m so thankful for Angela Gutzer (my partner in the work) and for all the people who are moving this important work forward. Onward.

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