End of Life care can be a very rewarding career. First we recommend taking training by a reputable educational institution.

The EOLDAC Board of Directors has reviewed over 20+ End of Life Doula programs, looking for the coverage of core competencies for Doula Work. The following factors are included in the consideration process: the role of a doula, scope of work, communication, family management, identifying priorities, vigilling, Advance Care Planning, and more. Here are the programs currently recommended by the End of Life Doula Association of Canada:

Douglas College End-of-Life Doula

Institute For Traditional Medicine: Contemplative End of Life Care

Home Hospice Association

Durham College - required Advance Care Planning and Role/Scope of Doula training, which we can help with

École internationale d’accompagnement Cybèle

Vancouver Island University

We also recommend US-based training programs like Doulagivers, INELDA, University of Vermont, Quality of Life Care, Doorway into Light, International Doula Life Movement, the Conscious Dying Institute, and End-of-Life Doula Training with Henry Fersko-Weiss, however we encourage you to take supplementary training on Canadian Advance Care Planning, which we can help you with.

Are you a nurse, doctor, or social worker, looking to upgrade your end of life care skills to enhance your career? The following are great resources:

The Canadian Hospice and Palliative Care Association

Life and Death Matters: Palliative Care Education for Nurses/Care aides

The End of Life Doula Association of Canada has crafted their vision, mission and scope of practice for End of Life Doulas, which can be viewed here: Doula Vision, Mission, Scope of Practice »

Joining the EOLDAC as either a supporting member or a registered member gives access to monthly training meetings that are available online through Zoom or in person for Vancouver-area residents. You can check out more about the memberships here.

Please check out our FAQs page for more information on End of Life Doula work.