Masako Sakuma-Anderson


Masako Sakuma-Anderson is a registered clinical social worker, counsellor and end of life doula based out of Burnaby, BC. Since moving to Canada from Japan in 1997, Masako has been working as a clinical social worker/case manager in adult and older adult mental health for about 20 years. Working in the health care field, Masako knows the importance of later life and end of life care for everyone and has committed herself to helping individuals have continued quality of life and to arrive at a peaceful end of life.

Masako understands that a transition to end of life requires physical, environmental, emotional, mental, spiritual and practical support for individuals and their families. With extensive work experience with older adults in health care, she has respect and deep understanding of how they cope and still find fulfillment, despite cognitive limitations. As an EOL doula, she feels honoured to spend such precious and intimate moments to support a final, peaceful transition in a manner of their choosing.


Additional skills:

Registered Clinical Social Worker

Certified Reiki Practitioner

Languages: English and Japanese

Contact info: