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Marcia Marchant - When Angels Gather


I am a sister to four brothers and three sisters.  As a child, I had lived out in the country where you could see the in stars in the night time sky, and see and listen to lightning and thunder come across the fields during our summer storms.  It is through my youth that I am most grateful for the little things in life and all the beauty that surrounds us daily throughout our four seasons.  I am a mother of two amazing children, Erin and Ronald Jay.  There is nothing greater on this Earth than receiving the gift of Motherhood.  As they grow throughout their steps,  I see their accomplishments, knowing a job well done, or at least the best that can be done without a handbook.

I have been told by others that my presence brings comfort to those that are anxious during times of uncertainty.  A voice of reason when reason seems so far away.  And a rock to many.  What an honour to hear; how humbling.

I am a light that shines from within, offering guided meditations, breath work and the gift of Reiki when the waters of life seem rough and paths uncertain.

I have had the gift of witnessing the miracle of birth as a Labor Doula, death and rebirth as and End of Life Doula.  My father was one of my greatest teachers in life.  However, it was through his process of transitioning I felt he slowed every step,  every breath, maybe to hold on longer, but I get a sense he was teaching me one of his greatest gifts.   My gift of service to others.  Prior to his passing, I became a volunteer of Hospice,  thinking one day I may need this knowledge should one of my parents pass.  Funny how the universe knows what to put in front of us.  Time changes all things in life.  I find myself in a beautiful space that allows me to do what I love best: to be of service to others during the miracles and mysteries in the cycle of life.

Serving Windsor Ontario and surrounding communities.

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