photo of Lindsay Fedchyshn, smiling woman with black sweater

Lindsay Fedchyshyn

I have extensive experience supporting adults living in community, LTC and retirement settings with special interest in palliative and hospice care. I help clients live in the place of their choice safely and comfortably managing many aspects of their care. I am an extension of family for my clients caring for them through many transitions up until the end of life providing practical and emotional support. I comfort, nurture and advocate for my clients whether through navigating our health system or providing quiet or sociable companionship. The core of my work is care management and advocacy-often for clients with family overseas or very limited support. I liaise closely with my client’s physicians and other key people in their circle of care ensuring they are always at the centre. I have a deep love for my work and it is not a job but my calling. Provided it is in my scope of practice as a Social Service Worker and Doula, there is no request I will not try to fulfill for my clients. This is what person-centered care means to me and has laid the foundation for Heart First Care Management Inc.

Additional skills:

Registered Social Service Worker, Gerontology, Health System Navigation, Dementia Care & Gentle Persuasive Approach (GPA)

Contact info:

Phone/Text: 416-554-5014