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Hélène Vallée - B.C.L./LL.B., Soul Departures
End of Life Doula and Consultant

I am dedicated to supporting my clients through the natural process of dying with a focus on departing at home. I want to ensure that a soul departure can be met with meaning, peace and dignity. Alongside my 15 years of holistic health experience, my degrees in religious studies, bioethics and law have equipped me with a profound understanding of life transitions. As your doula or the doula of your loved one, I am committed to providing optimal support through the practical, physical and spiritual challenges presented at the end of life.

My services:

Caregiver Respite
Compassionate Companioning
Vigil Attendant
Legacy Project Facilitation
Advance Care Planning
Advocacy Support
Funeral and Memorial Facilitation
Family and Household Advisor

Location: Vancouver, BC (serving Metro Vancouver and surrounding areas)
Languages: English and French

Contact info: