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My philosophy is that death happens in ‘one’ moment in time.  Until the exact moment that death comes (as it will for all of us); there is a gamut of emotions that ebb & flow, there is a need to navigate & adapt to changing health circumstances, and most importantly there is still living to be done.

While many of us may wish life followed a perfect, linear path, often that’s not the case. And it can be those detours that shape who we become and the path we find ourselves on. I became a certified End-of-Life Doula in 2019 after making the decision to change careers because I experienced firsthand the emotional impact of making end-of-life decisions on someone else's behalf.

Our role as a part of your circle of care is one of empowerment, advocacy, education and support. We are here to guide you and your loved ones on what you can expect during the dying process, plan how you’d like to be cared for as a person ((i.e.) what dignity-preserving support you would appreciate and/or accept) throughout your transition, and articulate your legacy. We help you by encouraging you to think about, document, and talk about your hopes, wishes and legacy so that you and your loved ones may have peace in knowing that your wishes were honoured.

In addition to my work as an End-of-Life Doula, I’m a Willow EOL Educator™. Being a Willow EOL Educator™ allows me to support others with heart-centred and pragmatic end-of-life planning. I do this by leading workshops and coaching sessions using Willow’s tested workshop curriculums, and tools.

I live in and serve the Sunshine Coast community in British Columbia. I am available remotely, for those living in other regions.

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