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Christa Ovenell - Death's Apprentice

At close to 50, Christa decided to leave her safe, secure, and soul-destroying work in the executive-suites of corporate education and embrace a calling she had left unheeded for decades. Becoming an apprentice as a “woman of a certain age” was a never-ending lesson she clearly needed to learn. Now even a little bit older and much wiser, she is a licensed funeral director and embalmer, an Elder Planning Counselor, an end-of-life doula and community death educator. She founded Death’s Apprentice earlier this year, a company that specializes in holistic advanced care planning for individuals and forward-thinking companies. Christa takes a practical, heart-centered approach to her end-of-life and deathcare practice, helping people prepare for life's only inevitability. She can be reached via her website at www.deathsappretnice.ca, by email at hello@deathsapprentice.ca or on IG at @deathsapprentice.ca.

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Funeral Director & Embalmer

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