Carol-Ann Courneya

If you are reading this you are curious, and have a need to connect, with someone to accompany you as you navigate either a serious or life-limiting health diagnosis. I will share a bit about who I am, with an aim to see if we are a good fit to engage together in your journey ahead.

After a long career teaching medical and dental students about the science of the heart I am transitioning to inhabiting the emotional aspects of the heart in my role as an End of Life Doula and Educator. My EOL training was from Douglas College in 2019. I am a Willow End of Life Educator, and as such can offer Advanced Care Planning workshops, and Green Sleeve preparation. I am also a volunteer through the Sunshine Coast Hospice.

As an EOL Doula I will bring warmth, compassion, generous listening, a love of visual arts, and a network of resources to enable clients to live well on their journey ahead. I am available for bereavement support, and I also engage with clients who are approaching their date for MAID.

I live full time on the Sunshine Coast in BC, and would welcome clients for in person meetings from Langdale to Garden Bay. These meet ups could be at your home or we could go for a walk or a bench-chat out in nature. I am also available for Zoom sessions for clients from Vancouver and further up the coast. If you want further information please send an email to and we can set up a time to meet and chat.

Contact info: