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Sarina Selig

Enlightened Departures

End-of-Life Doula Services

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I became deeply passionate about end-of-life care through my experience as a Registered Nurse in Long-Term Care. I completed my End-of-Life Doula training with Douglas College in February 2020 to be able to provide high quality individualized care and holistic support for others. I am humbled to be able to provide support for individuals and my community in preparation for, during and after end of life.

I believe that adequate preparation regardless of the presence of illness, will allow for a more peaceful dying experience. Knowledge is key when it comes to processing, planning, and preparing end of life wishes. I strive to destigmatize discussions of death and dying as these conversations are especially important in allowing individuals to discover what having a good death means to them. A good death can look quite different for each person. I acknowledge this and embrace the diversity of others with a warm and non-judgemental approach.

It is truly an honor to be able to hold and share space with others to discuss their values, beliefs, wishes, and to be a support for an enlightened dying experience. Whether it be enhancing knowledge, holistic advance care planning, sitting vigil at the bedside, legacy projects, or grief and bereavement - I am ready with a gentle and open heart to be of service.

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